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Implements- Topper Mower Slasher
   Topper Mower Slasher


  • Perfect painting and finishing in details.
  • Quality PTO shaft is standard accessories
  • The Topper mower without rear wheel are available
  • Working width is from 1.1.m to 1.70m  
MODEL SL110 SL140 SL160 SL170
DIMENSIONS (L×W×H) 2020×1100×970mm 2265×1400×970mm 2390×1600×970mm 2890×1700×970mm
STRUCTURE WEIGHHT 140kg 180kg 215kg 225kg
CUTTING WIDTH 1060mm 1360mm 1560mm 1660mm
WORKING EFFICIENCY 3500-9000 m²/h 4000-10000 m²/h 4000-12500 m²/h 4500-13000 m²/h
PTO TURNNING SPEED 540r/min 540r/min 540r/min 540r/min
PTO SPLINE 6×8×1000mm 6×8×1000mm 6×8×1000mm 6×8×1000mm
POWER REQUIREMENT 15-20hp 20-35hp 25-40hp 30-50hp